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Individual Transitions Coaching

Rob is available for in-person or online sessions. Coaching begins with a thorough assessment of your situation and objectives. A proposed plan for you is developed from this assessment.

Weekly or bi-weekly individual consultations may cover:

•  Further developing of goals and practices based on changing needs.

•  Skills development focus to build capacity to coach oneself

•  Progress review, and refinement of, individually designed personal development program

Approaches that may be used include:

•  Mindfulness based practices to develop insight and presence

•  Thought partnership processing and addressing immediate challenges

•  Between session assignments offering new experiences to foster creative process, vision development, and passionate expression

Workshops and Conferences

Rob is available to speak about a variety of topics regarding personal leadership and its development including:

•  Why personal leadership matters during life changes

•  Individual creativity, freedom and access to depth, and ultimately wisdom

•  Professional Improvement vs. Personal Development – It’s not an either or question

•  Why do personal leadership, wholeness, and individuation matter to technology executives?

•  Everyone is talking about personal presence these days but what the heck is it? …and why all the hub-bub?

•  We are all trauma survivors of one kind or another – Developing personal creative practices and entrepreneurship are a great response if you can keep it up. Rewiring your brain might be easier.