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About Rob

Rob is an experienced coach, able to get to the heart of the matter quickly and work through challenges to co-create valuable movement for all involved.

Whether it be a personal or professional transition for which you are considering support, you know you need to address the immediate issues and not get lost in self-contemplation. At the same time, if you don’t invest in learning from what is going on, how do you grow? Rob understands the challenging nature of life transitions and is adept at supporting both the immediate concerns and finding the personal growth that is possible.  Rob has the experience to offer insight, new perspective and concrete steps with which to move forward.

A unique understanding of life in the valley (and tech in general)

With a long history in technology development and in the valley, Rob has deep experience with what it takes to create, reinvent, persevere, and lead with vision so others may collaborate and work in unison. Rob has helped individuals develop greater personal capacity to meet and exceed the demands of their current environment. He has also supported managers preparing to step into new roles and finding new vision. And he has helped tech and non-tech professionals alike address the stresses of life and relationships in the creative, and fast changing environment pioneered here.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Rob grew up with the Silicon Valley ultimately developing a successful career in technology business consulting prior to taking up his current work. Consulting to companies such as Oracle, Sun, Netscape, Cisco, Apple, and Intel gave Rob a clear understanding of the need for personal development within the ranks of technology management. Rob continues to be informed by his experience designing products, leading product teams, turning around profitability, developing strategic partnerships, and founding businesses, however he is passionate about helping provide leadership support that goes beyond business school solutions and addresses the human experience.

Deep understanding from real experience

After more than 25 years in technology, Rob decided to pursue a long held desire to more fully engage his compassionate nature and help others. Leaving the tech world behind, he made a significant life and career change, studying depth psychology and completing training as a psychotherapist. Shortly after registering as a marriage and family therapist intern (MFTI), Rob became engaged in his own parents aging and end of life care. This led to his establishing a coaching practice focused on adult children, spouses, and families dealing with parent care. (Visit Parent Care Consulting) Through this work Rob has gained deep understanding of the importance of each life transition and the opportunity to discover who we are and find deeper meaning in our lives.

Now, with nearly 15 years experience as a psychotherapist and life coach, Rob is available to help individuals in the midst of real life transitions. He knows that although personal and professional worlds are often talked about separately, they are both impacted when one or the other changes. It is unusual for personal life events not to affect professional presence, capacities, and drives. Likewise, professional transitions can affect who you are becoming and many aspects of personal life. Rob is ready to help you deal with all that is going on, be it personal or professional.

Rob holds a BA in Physics, an MBA, and an MA in psychology with additional training as a grief counselor. Rob is also a Certified Integral Coach and a Certified Senior Adviser (CSA). Rob is the CEO of Fellini Arts, Inc. and operates three practices under this corporation:

•   Fellows Consulting:
Coaching and consulting for life transitions, creativity and personal leadership development

•  Parent Care Consulting:
Support and coaching for individuals and families dealing with aging or end-of-life parents

•  Fellini Arts:
Rob’s personal creative productions are offered along with notes on creativity and inner work